Midjourney – When the coder becomes the artist

18. September 2022

Well Well Well

So AI Art is sky rocking currently hm? “Winning” Prices hm?

Do you know the NFT Art communities on Twitter?

How many crasy Discord and Twitter groups do you think are now opened for “AI Art”?. Since there are no regulations, this will be copyright chaos at its finest.

I am almost sure that we can subscribe to a service from companies like ADOBE for an AI generator, and we own licenses as long as we are subscribed. That’s how I imagine it. Everything else is the wild west without laws.


“If you are not a Paid Member, Midjourney grants you a license to the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License (the “Asset License”).

If you ARE a member of Midjourney you can basically do whatever you want with it, and dont have to attribute. You essentially own all rights and just grant one back to MJ to use it like on their site or for tools etc.” (Reddit: Fnuckle)

Important Note Here on this Part

Addressing a petition, the United States Copyright Office has ruled that artistic creations of an AI can’t be protected under copyright laws. A U.S. copyright body has ruled that a work of art created by artificial intelligence can’t be classified as intellectual property and get copyright protection. shorturl.at/bijv5

If you want to know more:

What I smell here

There are no developed rules at present. make this clear to yourselves. I said it before – The coder becomes the artist.

Look at how many super modern service website swap on. In the field of NFT, the topic has become gigantic. The same will now be with Ai Art that groups of developers get together and make money with these services for Ai generators they develop. Gray zone = lots of money

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