Stable Diffusion – Summary of a human

18. September 2022

Quote: “Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image model that will empower billions of people to create stunning art within seconds.”

Stable Diffusion – Terms of Service

Do you own the copyright? Can images be sold / used for commercial purposes

It’s CC0 (CC0 1.0 Universell (CC0 1.0)

Public Domain Dedication)( – Anyone is free to use any image as they wish, but is not allowed to monetize it.

What the hell does that mean?

So here we go… what do we see at the moment? Everything that has to do with AI is outside our known “legal situation”. What does that mean for these users and the community that uses it? Well everyone can do what they want but no one has the privilege to formulate on any of the images.

But Wait… The knowledge about the images must come from somewhere, right? That must have been made before by….. people, right??

YES – but now it’s code so……..sry bro.
See ya later bro.
Open Source Bro.

Small reminder here: Midjourney has a payment service…
(I hope you understand whats going on here.)

Anyone who still makes normal digital art and starts from scratch will spend pretty much 24/7 having to explain to people around them that they really made it themselves. Do you want to live/work like this? Ask yourself. (10 years ago, it was still funny when someone smiled when you said – “I made this with photoshop”)

I have the feeling that a lot of people don’t like it when someone marks an idea or a style as their own and wants to be called the copyright holder. Comprehensible, but controversial.

“With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again. AI image synthesis goes open source, with big implications.”

We are starting the reboot of Alice in Wonderland. What will be possible is probably wonderful and crazy.

Have you ever heard of “Deepfake? Oh yes, this topic will be interesting as soon as the AI is fully developed. (Get your porn credit card ready)


The motto of DeepMind.

“To solve AI and then use it to solve everything else”

Here is an interesting release from DeepMind, dated 6 Sep 22, concerning the continuing development of human conversation level AI. “LaMDA” et. al. (FuturologyBot)

GPT-3? GPT-4? What is that?

“The most immediate and astonishing difference between GPT-4 and its predecessor is that it uses 100 trillion machine learning parameters versus 175 billion used in the current model. While GPT-4 will have far more parameters than GPT-3, the technology is also moving away from the notion of “bigger is better”.”

These are the technical generator names we are dealing with here for both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion made by “OpenAI”. GPT means “Generative Pre-trained Transformer” and the numbers represent the generations.

What is the idea (maybe)

Earning money without having to say “this is mine”.

Ownership is apparently frowned upon in the new collectives.

Strangely enough, this can be seen on all fronts – money is no longer earned with the product, but with the service or the illusion of being part of something. The buyer becomes the product and the product is the advertising.


“BMW is asking owners in Korea to pay for subscription-based options like heated seats or driver-assistance software.”

“Always has been”

Well yes of course – 2.3 Billion Images Used to Train Stable Diffusion’s Image Generator

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