Demorie Blog

Some time ago i created fan art for star wars. In this case mainly photo editing. For me it is always exciting to play around with photoshop.

2020 There are many social media websites for Digital and Traditional Artists. I have summarized the most important ones that I consider important for digital artists and traditional artists.

Since i use the new brush i try out how i paint hair now. I find the texture much more appealing. In the past I used much coarser textures which had their own speciality as they were very clean and had a strong impression but for a finer appearance this texture offers a better experience.

Trying a new brush texture. Feels better. Its way more Oil Brush related. Lets see how this goes.

Furthermore i try out my brushes to create the right structure that i like. most of the portraits serve as an exercise for me lately. 

Digital FanArt Painting - Star Wars - Jedi in the Sandstorm. Concept with two lightsabers.

Digital drawing of a sleeping girl under water. Digital hair drawing and painting. This is a Work in Progress. I don't know yet whether this work will be colored or not.

Red Moon - Digital Speed Painting by DEMORIE

Ghost in the shell - Motoko Kusanagi and Batou - Digital Painting by DEMORIE. Actors: Scarlett Johansson is Motoko Kusanagi. Pilou Asbæk is Batou

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