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Demorie Blog

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The blog serves to show current projects and everything DEMORIE currently creating.
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Demorie Blog

I did this work a long time ago, now I'm trying to get this done. I'm trying to accommodate different properties like glowing and splitting objects.

Again it's time for more creativity. I'm trying to work more with rough and colorful brush strokes to archive a stronger effect.

At the moment i make a lot of drawings to practice. i try different ways how i will paint in the future.

It's time to use intensive colors again. I try to make the hair as simple as possible but still as realistic as possible. I also use fine and flowing brush strokes here.

Here i try to work more with watercolor related elements again. I have worked with them alot in my earlier works of art. This is a work in progress in black and white. At the moment i don't know exactly if i leave it black and white or if i work with few more colors.